Issues after you've run Recuva

  1. You can't find a specific file which had been deleted from the Recycle Bin.

    If you placed the file in the Recycle Bin before deleting it, it may have been renamed by Windows (a standard feature). In this case, the best way to find your file, is to list all files in the Recycle bin and then sort by the last modified date or by the file size.

  2. You still can't find a specific file or files.

    Try running a Deep Scan, which may take several hours.

  3. You used Recuva to securely delete a file, but you can still see the file name in Windows Explorer (or other Windows programs).

    This is expected behavior. Recuva does not overwrite file names for securely deleted files - only their contents. If you try to open the file in its associated program, you'll find it's impossible. Once you securely delete a file, its contents are 100% unrecoverable.